Hi, I'm Jaycee Chester, owner and founder of Overkink.com.

Overkink.com is an online adult sex toy and lingerie shop started by Jaycee Chester to normalize sex-positivity in the black community. Overkink hopes to emphasize the importance of self-love, safe sex, and basic body care.

Origin Story

The idea of Overkink was derived from the need for result-oriented sexual education. Overkink is meant to first and foremost create a comfortable sexual space that can lead the consumer down different avenues of sexual exploration and education. Overkink strives to lead individuals and couples to resources that enlightens risks linked to sexual practices and strategies to apply in ensuring we all have safe, fulfilling, and desirable sexual life. Overkink started as a toy shop in 2020 and has expanded to become a lingerie store, blog, and sex-positive space, contributing content to magazines and other media.

Overkink hopes to cultivate an environment where we can talk about sex. So consider this your daily reminder: It’s ok to talk about sex! As my mother says, “it’s how we all got here!”.

Black Owned Business

Overkink is a 100% black owned, women-owned business. While many people struggle with open sexuality, the black community has long harbored negativity surrounding sex-positive thinking. As a black-owned business, Overkink strives to break that mold and cultivate an openly intimate space to discuss, be curious, and explore.

What We Offer

Overkink works hard to bring you thoughtful products and services regarding your sexual exploration. Our toys and lingerie are from trusted brands, and our media and educational links are expertly sourced to educate and not intimidate.

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Get in touch with Jaycee: Jay@overkink.com

All media inquiries: Media@overkink.com